About Us:

Overlord Carving Co. wasn’t developed out of necessity, we just enjoy making custom pieces.  We work out of a small shop in our spare time, and we take our time to ensure that all the items we build are carefully planned and executed.  This is a family business, and as our customer, we will treat you the same.  We work closely with all of our customers to make sure the product matches up with the expectations of the build. Further to that, you will find our products are typically crafted out of high-end wood.  Our philosophy is simple, we build things that will last, regardless of the size or scale of your purchase, and you can be assured it will be part of your home for years to come.


Woodworking runs in this guy’s blood.  Jason grew up building things with his Dad and Great Grandfather, and continues that tradition today.  He has a broad range of experience from custom tables and furniture, to large-scale home renovation.  His favorite part of building is knowing the joy his customers will get from their order.  On a personal note, Jason is a family man, and very career driven person.  He enjoys solving difficult problems; in short he’s just not right.  You can be assured that whatever project you bring to Overlord, he will work tirelessly to figure out.  Some of his favorite things to do involve traveling, spending time with his family, exercising, and listening to music. Jason can also grow a wicked manly beard, and is rumored to be part Amish


While most millennials are sipping fancy coffee and contemplating how to avoid hard labor, this guy is out breaking the stereotype.  Jack is the definition of salt of the earth.  Jack spends his days doing back breaking concrete work, then spends his evenings with Jason in the shop.  Jack has a rain man style brain that dreams up unique solutions to tough problems.  He also has large scale manufacturing experience managing wood milling and coating.  His experience and work ethic are a cornerstone of Overlord.  In his free time Jack enjoys social gatherings, watching sports, and listening to podcasts.


Here at Overlord she’s known as “The Bumpus”.  When it comes to marketing and communication, she’s the Queen.  Most, if not all communication and social media content is handled by the Bumpus.  Rest assured that if you have an order in with Overlord, she will be managing the schedule and keeping the boys on track.  Outside of Overlord Kaitlin runs her own business as a Yoga Instructor, and is absolutely passionate about personal wellness and care.  As though these weren’t enough, Kaitlin runs a household with infant twin girls and a 4 year old son known as Murph….  She is the picture of resilient, has a snappy sense of humor, and works tirelessly to break the stigma that mothers can’t cuss.  In her free time you are likely to find the Bumpus settled into a bathtub with a book and a cornucopia of sweet and salty snacks.  Rest assured with Bumpus on the team, if your project does not meet expectations, Jack and Jason will be the subjects of a missing persons investigation…